You Can Dance EP

by Warriorz of Virtue

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    Born on the seventh floor of a decrepit Boston YMCA, Warriorz of Virtue (WOV) spit in the face of contemporary dance music with their debut EP, “You Can Dance.” Sound-creators Nasty Nate (Belasco) and Naughty Nick (Burstein), rudely tip their turbans to the likes of Justice, Daft Punk, and Digitalism with their grinding synthesizers and soaring melodies.

    The group displays a filthy and chauvinistic take on lust and pop culture with songs such as “Sit on My Face” which is a first person account of a sex-offender in a dance club. WOV is clearly poking fun at the auto-tuned and digitalized direction that modern music is heading, while simultaneously face-slapping the politically correct and easily offended human beings that seem to strangle the earth with their negativity.

    Warriorz of Virtue are joined by guest vocalists Dan Gilbert, Alissa Deak, and Stephanie Catala on the tracks, “Woman-Face” and “Beat That Funk Ho.” But, it’s not all grime that you get from WOV. The group seems to effortlessly gravitate towards infectious pop hooks such as the chorus of “Advanced Dance” in which Naughty Nick shouts, “You can dance, but your never gonna dance this advanced!”

    In reality, neither Nick nor Nate can perform any form of respectable dance move (Aside from dancing the hora), but that’s not the point! The point is that if you come anywhere within several hundred yards of WOV’s music you will find yourself dancing as if the beat were a disgusting virus taking over your body. It is quite possible that Warriorz of Virtue will soon be infecting dance clubs all over this miserable earth.
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released May 21, 2010


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